A Michigan fan practically since birth, Jordan accompanied his parents to the University of Michigan Hospital when his little sister had heart issues as an infant.

After the appointments, Jordan remembers, his dad would take him into Michigan Stadium to run around. Throughout his childhood, and into his teenage years, many of his greatest memories were in Ann Arbor, attending football games, concerts, and shows with his family.

His love of the University continued when he attended Michigan, graduating in 2006 with a B.A. in History. While at Michigan, Jordan was active in student government, University of Michigan Hillel, and other campus organizations. He also met the love of his life, his wife Lauren, while a student.

The full impact of the University in his life, however, was not felt until the Spring of 2016, when a severe allergic reaction led to serious liver issues. Because of the work of a team of specialists at the University of Michigan hospital, Jordan was able to recover and resume doing what he loves the most: spending time with his wife, two daughters, and their dog, and teaching his two year old all the lyrics to "The Victors."

Jordan at his graduation, 2006


A University For Michigan — Affordable and Accessible

Jordan believes that all Michiganders, not just those who are fortunate, should have access to the University system.

That means making sure that Michiganders from Escanaba to Flint to Detroit to Woodhaven can do what Jordan did — graduate from the University with as little debt as possible. This means making transferring between campuses easier, as well as allowing for more credits to transfer from Michigan Community Colleges to the University System.

It also means that the University must use its endowment--the second largest among public schools in the United States--to ensure that the University provides a debt free education. The more people who are able to afford the University, the greater the impact the University will have on the state.

A University For All Students

In addition to being debt-free, accessible, and affordable, Jordan believes that Michigan must remain one of the best Universities in the world.

This means continuing to evolve programs and disciplines to make sure that graduates are able to graduate into good-paying jobs.

But Michigan cannot only have a footprint in Ann Arbor. Michigan should build a network of extensions that empower students and potential students statewide: For example, a Ross School of Business Extension in Grand Rapids, a School of Engineering Extension in Macomb County, or a Public Health Extension in Traverse City.

An Economic Engine For Michigan

Jordan says that from Health Care to Engineering to Automotive Technology, the advantages of the University of Michigan to residents of our state is immense.

The businesses that will create the high paying jobs of the 21st century right here in Michigan are incubated in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, as well as throughout our health care system — from Grand Rapids to Mid-Michigan to Metro Detroit.

We must ensure that these new industries are created right here in Michigan and continue to provide high quality jobs and careers to Michiganders.

A Health Care System for Michigan

As Jordan learned through a medication interaction that harmed his liver, the University of Michigan does groundbreaking medical research in areas from liver disease to cardiovascular issues to cancer and strokes.

This medical system is invaluable to the residents of our state, and continuing the flow of Federal research dollars to the University will undoubtedly affect someone we all love — our parents, our children, our friends and family.

Jordan believes in keeping up the promise of the Health Care System for all Michiganders.


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